With the increasing use of distributed systems to manage business data, the demands on security are also on the rise. When using a distributed system, you need to be sure that your data and processes support your business needs without allowing unauthorized access to critical information. User errors, negligence, or attempted manipulation on your system should not result in loss of information or processing time. These demands on security apply likewise to the SAP R/3 System. Therefore, at Solution Planets, we offer a number of services to meet the security demands on the R/3 System.

However, to effectively use our services, you need to make your own contribution as well. You need to determine which security demands apply specifically to your system. We encourage you to carefully analyze your requirements on system security and define priorities. Where are you most vulnerable? What information do you consider critical? Where is critical information stored or transferred? What security options are available to protect your critical data and communications?

We recommend you establish a security policy that reflects these requirements and priorities. Your security policy needs to be supported and encouraged from upper management as well as from your employees. It should be practiced company-wide and cover your entire IT-infrastructure, to include your R/3 System. It should encompass all security aspects that are important to your system. Security aspects that you could consider include:

* User Authentication
* Authorization Protection
* Integrity Protection
* Privacy Protection
* Proof of Obligation (non-repudiation)
* Auditing and Logging

Variety of R/3 Security Services based on these aspects.

Our services include:

User Authentication
- R/3 Password Rules
- Auditing Unauthorized Logon Attempts

R/3 Authorization Concept
- Authority Checks
- Profile Generator
- Authorization Infosystem

We have designed our services to give you an individual and flexible approach to R/3 security. Depending on your priorities, you may decide to use some or all of these services.

We provide the R/3 Security Support to assist you when using our services with the R/3 System. In this solution you receive an active support of our Security Consultant as per the selected time window.

We believe that Security and Authorization can be done everyday in a specific time window depending on the size and requirement of your organization. Requirement of a full time security consultant is always depending on your organizational need. If you feel that your organization does not require a full time security consultant, but because of the non-availability of part time security consultant, you are spending a good amount on security consultant, we are having a solution for you.

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Keep in mind that the most important factor in providing system security is your own security policy! Our solution is intended to assist you when implementing a security policy, but it cannot replace your own investment of time and assets. We recommend you dedicate sufficient time and allocate ample resources to implement your security policy and to maintain the level of security that you desire.

Our Solution and Approach:

We are having experienced Security Consultant and in our solution model, they all work for multiple client in different time window. We offer a minimum 4 Hrs Window solution.

How it works?

We offer 9 AM to 9 PM (IST) - 12 Hrs Time Window, you will have to choose a single minimum 4 Hour time slot during this 9to9 time window offering. In your selected time window support, our security consultant will login to your system remotely from our premise and work on all the authorizations related tickets logged during the day. We believe that most of the ` authorization related tickets can wait up to 8-12 Hrs. In case of any emergency, you can use your full time SAP Basis resource.

How it will benefit?

You can replace your full time SAP Security/Authorization consultant with our consultant.

How much it will cost?

Our minimum 4 Hrs window will cost you only Rs 2000 per day and we support 5 days a week. So, If you have opted for one resource and minimum 4 Hrs window, it will cost you only Rs 40000 per month (considering 20 working days per month), which is way below your cost on full time security consultant. For every additional hour, Rs 500 will be charged extra per hour. But, you will have to select and commit the number of hours required and the number of resources required before signing the service.